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Entrepreneurship: loyalty-loyal enterprise, loyal mission, honesty and trustworthiness-diligence-diligent study, hard work, sincere service-hard work-hard work, hard work, hard work officer

Business philosophy: Responsibility-create value for customers, create profits for companies, create futures for employees, and create prosperity for society Excellence-with first-class work attitude, first-class work level, first-class work performance, and provide first-class services for customers

Management Philosophy: Strict-Strict words, observance of rules and regulations, objective justice, and prohibition of orders Norms-rules to follow, clear responsibilities, clear processes, operational standards High efficiency-responsive, fast decision-making, decisive execution, excellence

Working standards: unity-taking care of the overall situation, sincere cooperation, gathering strength, and win-win development pragmatic-pragmatic-pragmatic, improve efficiency, cohesion and cohesion-enterprising-firm confidence, hard work, innovation and development

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